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FT Island made Hong Kong fans Out of Control

Penulis : meow13 on Saturday, 20 February 2010 | 17:06

Korean popular group FT Island held a concert at HITEC in Hong Kong on Feb 17 afternoon. When they performed their second song, the fans were out of control and rush in front of the stage. Lee Hong-ki tried to clam everyone down, and the show was almost suspended. Thereafter FT Island invited fans on stage and gave out roses , some of the fans took the opportunity to hug their idols.

To enhance the ambiance, Hong-ki hugged the captain Choi Jong-hun while singing. And when they sang the theme song of Kdrama "You are Beautiful", Hong-ki introduced his role of Jeremy in that drama in English, and also asked the fans for their names and said that he would like to kiss them. Towards the end, he was so excited that he splashed water into the crowd, and he even wanted to get down the stage to the fans, nonetheless he gave up the idea for the fear of chaos.

During an interview with a Hong Kong media, FT Island also disclosed their dream girls, who were all actresses older than them. Hong-ki confessed that Song Hye-kyo is the one he like most, and he does not mind noona-dongseng relationship. Choi Jong-hun admires Han Ye-seul, while Song Seung-hyun is fond of Jessica Alba.

FT Island lives together in dormitory thus maintains a good relationship. But Song Seung-hyun revealed a bad habit of Hong-ki, "He loves to throw rice at us during meals and force us to eat it!"

Source: Apple Daily

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