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"We're going to be Asia's best pop-dance group." -f(x)

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SM Entertainment, the source of top idol groups Super Junior, Girl's Generation, and SHINee, has a new ambition: f(x), a group with powerful dance moves and trendy pop-music inclinations, which has placed itself as a strong new contender on the music foreground. With leader Victoria, members Krystal, Amer, Sulli, and Luna form the five-member girl group f(x), which debuted last September with its song 'LAchATA,' receiving much love for its cute and appealing image.

At the question regarding the latest hot issue circling music idol groups, the 'i-dol' nicknames such as "Animal-dol, Chic-dol, Luxury-dol," and what they would want for themselves, f(x) replies with, "Oh? We haven't thought about it. What would be good?" "Personality-dol? Function-dol? Baby-dol?" (tn: Bear with me. These "i-dol" words make more sense in Korean...) accompanied by much laughter, eventually saying "We'll think about it some more before giving you an answer" with cute smiles.

Even though they appear to be no different from other teens with their playful behavior, when asked what their goal is, the answer "We're going to be the best pop-dance group in Asia" reveals the bold ambitions of these passionate artists.

I can't live without a mirror! 'Mirror Princess' Luna

Like other girls in their age group, f(x) also pays a lot of attention to their appearance. When asked who pays the most attention to their looks, the members' sights all focus on one person - Luna.

"Since we're all girls, we like to get dressed up, but the person that loves to look in the mirror is Luna-unni. Mirror Princess," says Sulli, revealing how Luna spends more time in front of the mirror than anyone else. "It's not that she primps in the mirror. It's more like she glances in it a lot," adds Krystal with a careful glance at Luna.

Krystal is indecisive?

An idol's ideal type is always the top question for fans. When asked who the ideal types for f(x) are, Sulli answers that rather than pick a certain someone, "I like a person that makes me think 'This person is like me.'" For Luna, "I think a person that is dedicated to their work is really impressive."

As her turn approached, Krystal alone begins to worry. "Oh? Who's mine? It changes from time to time." She says, "I like Kang Dongwon-ssi, and I feel a closeness to "God of Study"'s Lee Hyunwoo-goon because he's like a friend." "I don't think I have an ideal type," she eventually says with a smile.

I really like cookies! Wacky appeal Amber

f(x)'s Chinese-American member Amber, relates how there are "too many" episodes that come from her still-rough knowledge of Korean. Beside her, Luna can't hold back her laugh and reveals "When it's time to go on stage, we say "f(x), let's go!" and Amber says "Cookies? What cookies?" and doesn't really understand," showing Amber's unexpected wacky side. (tn: Let's go = ga-ja "가자", Cookies = gwa-ja "과자")

At Luna's words, the members break into laughter. "It's because Amber likes cookies so much." "She eats cookies like rice." And the conversation changes topics completely. At this, Amber admits, "They're right. Chips, cookies, chocolate, I love all of that stuff. If I eat cookies, I don't gain weight, but if I eat rice, I do," with a shy grin.

Sulli: "If was I picked as an ideal type? I would be so happy"

In the drama "Sudongyo," playing Sunhwa princess Lee Bo-young's child-actor and receiving much love, Sulli. Her clear visage and clear skin. The way her eyes curve into adorable crescents when she smiles is her charm. The ones that fall for her charms aren't limited to fans.

Sulli, recently, has been picked by Big Bang's G-Dragon, Chun Myunghoon, and U-kiss's Kibum, among other stars, as their ideal types. "Just the fact that they think I'm cute is enough for me to be thankful. It makes me feel so happy that they like me and think so well of me," she says about her feelings towards being chosen as the ideal type, smiling as though embarrassed by the attention.

Victoria, "The secret to flexibility is healthy food"

When asked "Out of f(x), who pays the most attention to her health?" the members all join together to point out Victoria. "The one that looks for the healthiest food is Victoria-unni. None of the other members can drink honey-water, but unni drinks it by herself like it's really tasty," Luna explains first.

"Since we're living in a dorm, we can't really take medicine when we should, but unni really keeps on top of it," adds Sulli. At that, Victoria admits right away that "When I don't feel good and my condition's bad, instead of eating, I pay more attention to medicine."

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