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KARA uses money earned from ‘KARA Bakery’ for a good cause

Penulis : BBF Lovers on Sunday, 17 January 2010 | 09:44

 Girlgroup KARA will be donating all the proceeds from their bakery business to the children welfare association.

It has been announced that all proceeds from the bakery business operated by KARA on Mnet ‘KARA Bakery’ will be unfortunate children under the children welfare association.

KARA said on 16th January, “We want to use the money we get from the bread we made for a good cause. Even though it is not a big amount, it will be good if the children like it.”

KARA had been one of the idol groups which had caused the ‘craze of girlgroup’ last year with their dance like ‘butt dance’ for song ‘Mister’. And they continue to receive love from TV viewers for doing a good cause with the money they earn from the program ‘KARA Bakery’.

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