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Ku Hye Sun & Fahrenheit film MV to promote Taiwan

Penulis : meow13 on Friday, 15 January 2010 | 02:17

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Fahrenheit & Ku Hye Sun jointly film a MV to promote Taiwan

ride on the high popularity of Taiwan's well-known idol group Fahrenheit and the new generation of Korean actress Ku Hye Sun, the Tourism Bureau specifically invited them to shoot a music video, hoping to introduce Taiwan's beautiful scenery, delicious food to the foreign countries, and to attract more Japanese and Korean, aged below 35, to visit Taiwan.

Fahrenheit, being the Taiwan tourism ambassador for 3 consecutive years, has high reputation in overseas. On the 14th afternoon in Taipei Flower Expo Pavilion "Butterfly Museum", they filmed the MV "Touch you heart" with Ku Hye Sun in freezing cold wind. this is the first time meeting & co-operation between Fahrenheit & Ku Hye Sun, both gave good impressions to each other. Fahrenheit said, "to promote Taiwan's tourism, each of us will take her to a place, which might be renowned for its scenery or food, lastly tonight we will bring her to Shihlin, the most famous night market. we will be eating while filming at that time."

To cultivate their understanding, Fahrenheit teach Ku Hye Sun how to make Taiwanese spring rolls, and Ku Hye Sun also adds in her creativity, and wrapped kimchi inside spring rolls. Fahrenheit said, "Korean taste, Korea Style, we have heard that Korean also have something called "eight treasures dish", which is similar to Taiwanese spring rolls, but you can put 8 ingredients inside. then how about Taiwan? There is no limitation, you can put anything in as you like. you'll know when you look at Wu Chun, he likes everything."

Media asked Ku Hye Sun to compare Fahrenheit with Korean F4 to see who is more handsome. KHS smiled and said that everyone is unique and is very kind, but she felt Fahrenheit are more humorous, and since she came to Taiwan, of course she would answer that Fahrenheit are more handsome. These 2 days the weather in Taiwan was very cold with the temperature dropped to below 10 degrees Celsius. but Ku Hye Sun said that as compared to the minus 10 degree in Korea, the weather in Taiwan is just like Spring, and she hoped that she would have more opportunities to travel around Taiwan in future.

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