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Ku Hye Sun experiences the beauty of Taiwan

Penulis : meow13 on Friday, 15 January 2010 | 02:07

Ku Hye Sun, who rise to stardom in Asia through the Korean drama BOF, was invited to Taiwan to film the advertisement for Taiwan Tourism Bureau. She visited Yilan & Peitou to experience the traditional culture such as wedding, opera and etc., she also took the opportunity to try the hot springs and she expressed she felt like in the state of bliss biggrin.gif Since KHS played the role of Guem Jandi in BOF, she has attracted high awareness in Asia, and she came to Taiwan personally last month to receive the Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau spotted her high popularity among the young population, hoping to attract more young visitors to Taiwan through her endorsement. The advertisement will be aired on TV in Japan and Korea, while Taiwan fans could only see that on the Internet. In regards to the endorsement fee, Tourism Bureau declined to disclose.

Recently KHS is busy with the preparation for her first directorial project, the full-length film "Magic". She squeeze her schedule to come to Taiwan with six staff. KHS visited the Yilan Traditional Arts Center, to experience Taiwan's traditional culture such as wedding ceremony and opera. She revealed that she tried to learn Taiwanese opera during the shoot, but it's too complicated and difficult. When she was asked if she long for being a bride, she shyly said that she wants to concentrate on her work right now and doesn't have the impulse to get married yet.

Hye Sun will film a MV today with the Taiwan Tourism Ambassador "Fahrenheit" and is expected to stay in Taiwan for three days. she expressed that she felt very fresh about experiencing different cultures in Taiwan.

news from Liberty Times Taiwan
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