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2PM’s Junho is jealous of Taecyeon

Penulis : rierie_destiny on Monday, 8 February 2010 | 13:22


2PM’s Junho and Taecyeon are guests on the upcoming episode of Strong Heart in which Junho confessed his true feelings about Taecyeon.

Junho said on the show, “Wherever we go these days, Taecyeon gets a lot of attention so I get kind of jealous. I get kind of greedy because I want attention as well. I wanted to stand out on stage so I would practice by myself all night.”

Junho went on to talk about a special ending move he did during a performance of Heartbeat in November. Here’s a video compilation so we can all appreciate Junho some more:

Junho and Taecyeon performed acrobatic moves and Junho even had a dance battle with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

Stay tuned for a more detailed coverage tomorrow.

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