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UKISS DongHo got a tongue burn?

Penulis : rierie_destiny on Friday, 15 January 2010 | 16:00

UKiss member, DongHo got a tongue burn during a filming. However, his tongue burn wasn’t the simple kind of tongue burns you can get from drinking hot coffee or tea.

DongHo and KiBum were filming for the MBC food program, where they were looking for the rare restaurants that served food made from porcupine and deer in Seoul. However, when DongHo took a sip from the deer soup, he started to show signs of pain with his tongue sticking out. Then HyunYoung who was watching DongHo suffer from the pain told everyone else and then others around them were shocked.

DongHo was got a severe tongue burn from drinking the soup with the spoon that had been used to stir the soup while it cooked in the hot heat. Other people filming with him couldn’t stop feeling sorry for DongHo’s puffed up white tongue. It is later said that he had to keep on drinking cold water.

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