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T-ara made $800,000 in the first week of 2010

Penulis : rierie_destiny on Friday, 15 January 2010 | 15:43

T-ara is definitely starting 2010 on a good note. The girl group not only won number 1 on various music programs but they also earned 900,000,000 KRW (slightly under $800,000 USD) just from their endorsements alone in the first week of January.

How crazy is that? They have made endorsement deals with a bank, a chicken company, a cosmetics company, an online game website and more. In one week, they managed to snag three endorsement deals and earn a hefty sum of money as their rewards. This girl group is on fire and is definitely going places, namely the bank.

Because of those three endorsements, the deal has earned them around $800,000. It hasn’t even been six months since they have debuted so such a feat is pretty insane. This just proves that even if you were a bit unpopular during debut, with a good album full of potential hit songs, you can definitely make it in the industry.

Who’s excited for their promotions for Like the First Time beginning tonight on Music Bank?

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