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Kim Jung Wook is selected as Male Lead for Goo Hye Sun's Movie "Magic"

Penulis : tracie on Wednesday, 13 January 2010 | 12:20

A Male Lead for GHS' MAGIC has been selected.
His name is Kim Jung Wook.
2010-01-13 10:17:22 Reported by Edaily's Intern Baek Sol Mi

Currently Kim Jung Wook is appearing in KBS' morning drama called I Will Give You Everything.. He portrays a soft and gentle character in the drama. However, for MAGIC, he will turn himself into a playful and unconventional musician. (Wow, I like it. He sounds different than most male leads in Korean dramas! Don't you think?)

In between filming his drama, Kim has been practicing cello hard and getting ready for the movie with passion and concentration. His character's name is Jung Woo in MAGIC and is born with a musical sensibility. His role faces conflict with another character named Myung Jin (played by Im Ji Gyu) and dreams of completing his composition for the final concert.

As we all know, the article also states that the filming will start on Jan.15th, 2010. GHS FIGHTING!!!!
Yet another pic of Kim Jung Wook:

I googled him and he seems to have much experience in acting~~which is a good news. I know nothing about him. do you?? He was born on April 10, 1980 and has been acting since 1996 fairly steadily.

This is Im Ji Kyu playing the role of Myung Jin: (from Daum)

Im JI Gyu is a movie actor and has appeared several movies
출생 1978년 3월 7일 (Date of Birth)
신체 키175cm, (height)
체중60kg (weight)
소속 블루드래곤엔터테인먼트 Agency~Blue Dragon Ent.
데뷔 2004년 단편영화 '핑거프린트' Debut~2004 short film called
학력 고신대학교 Education~Go Shin University
수상 2008년 제17회 부일영화상 신인남자연기상 Award: 2008 17th Boo Il Movie Award Popular New Male Actor
(I think this is the actor that I may have posted before who appeared in a movie called and GHS told a customer/fan who came to Manolin about this actor as one of the cast for her movie. Do any of you know anything about him as an actor?)


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