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I'm Vlog - Ku Hye Sun @ Be Friends [BTS]

Penulis : meow13 on Thursday, 28 January 2010 | 20:58

(Question displayed on center screen: All the 5 dogs are named after food?)

MC: Green fish, Brown rice tea, Dumplings, Rice. WowYou have from main dish to side dish names.. And even cooked food.. You are only left with fruit name Haha

(Question displayed on center screen: You shaved off all the fur of your long-furred chihwahwa?)

Hye Sun: This is a heart-breaking question Actually I have sensitive skin so I will shave off all the fur of my dogs

MC: You have all their fur shaved off? So why do you still breed a long-furred chihwahwa at the first place? You breeded a long-furred chihwahwa and you left it without fur? Dogs will also have heart sickness


(Question displayed on center screen: After turning into a director, you still break into laughters during filming?)

Hye Sun: Action!

MC: Thats too gentle!

(MC acts)

Hye Sun: Cut! (and laughs off)

MC: She still laughs! I am portraying a touching scene!

Hye Sun: Actually I wanted you to act as in a comedy

MC: Haha! And I am so serious in my acting! Anyway, thank you very much Director!

(Next part: The MC took out a board of Fahrenheit members Wu Zun, Jiro, Calvin and Aaron pictures.)

Hye Sun pointed out Jiro and Aaron among 4 members. (The TV programme didnt state what it is for yet)

(The MC took out Boys over Flowers cast board)

Hye Sun pointed at Kim Hyun Joongs face and then the MC followed by circling a heart shape at Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun and Kim Hyun Joongs images.

(Screen - Watch out for more exclusive behind-the-scenes at I'm TV)

translations credit : gongjunim
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