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Penulis : rierie_destiny on Saturday, 16 January 2010 | 00:28

14th - Heard that the morning's itinerary was shooting at Xinwuri Station of High-speed Rail, and also Miramar. In the afternoon was the public event at Flower Expo.
I thought it would start shooting at 1.30pm, Hye Sun has finished lunch and standby.
Because of the venue was surrounded by walls, I can barely see Hye Sun.
Her manager appeared in trendy attire during the shoot
After the filming, I saw manager stared walking to their car, Hye Sun’s dressed in a Yellow jacket and boots. My friend started screaming and I waved to Hye Sun. Hye Sun responded by wave at us. Then they went to the Grand Hotel for filming
After that, Chartered car has been following them all the way to 101
firstly they shoot outdoor scenes, then film in a cake shop by Calvin and Hye Sun
With Hye Sun’s superb acting, she played the role very lively
Hye Sun glanced at us during the break, we also waved to her
they went to Shihlin Night Market after 101
When Hye Sun played the tossing game, she was not tossing but actually throwing. That’s so cute
seems like Hye Sun was very fond of shooting game, she continued to play and asked her translator to help refilling bullets
Followed by shooting about eating foods, Hyesun was also very cute. Feel that she was very interested in all those foods
After the shooting at Shihlin, Hye Sun went to have spicy hotpot
Hye Sun changed into a pair of basketball shoes, when she went in the store, she’s very excited and ran up the stairs. She’s probably starving
Bodyguards & manager have come down during meal
Manager also asked me if we have eaten
We replied that we had not
He then asked if we were not hungry
After dinner was about 10pm, then she went back to hotel and would leave Taiwan on 15th morning


15th – when Hye Sun get off the car she was wearing a coat with a hooded jacket inside, she also wear a hat
Carrying a backpack, and wearing white basketball shoes, plus tight jeans
she was holding 4 oranges in her hands
Since my friend wanted to give Hye Sun the “warm pack”, but Hye Sun did not have hands to hold it. She gave us the oranges first.
We follow her into the terminal, many people approached her and asked for a handshake
As Hye Sun need to go to the toilet, that increase our chance to be with her
My friend wanted to return the orange to Hye Sun, since she speculated that she likes it
However, Hye Sun said that she would give them to us since she’s eaten already.
When we arrived at the elevator, Hye Sun talked to my friend for a while and accepted the “warm pack”. Hye Sun’s very cute to ask her translator if she want one.
at the customs office, we bided our good-bye to Hye Sun.
and Hye Sun also waved at us to say goodbye
We watched her in silence until she left
during the car chase we have encountered some good people
Believe that it would be more successful next time
We will treat Hye Sun with Taiwan Mandarins

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Translation by meow13@soompi

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