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100123 KBS Ent. Relay - Ku Hye Sun Interview @ SOUP CF Photosoot

Penulis : meow13 on Sunday, 24 January 2010 | 13:01

Headline: Perfect Woman: Goo Hye Sun’s Extraordinary Change
MC(narrating): Splendid skin, perfect face and attractive bodyline—the lady who has everything perfect. This is Goo Hye Sun.-------Not too long ago, it seems like we only saw her wearing a uniform. It has been a long time since we saw her like this, right?
@0:19 (on screen: cute and pure teen-like Goo Hye Sun)
MC: She seems like a living doll.
@0:23 (on screen: today’s clothing concept?)
GHS: a little like a princess,,(breaks into a shy laughter)
MC(narrating):she seems slightly awkward,,
GHS: I normally do not wear clothes like this so I am a bit worried whether I look OK in them or not.,,,,If I get a boyfriend, I will wear them often. (shy laughter)
MC (Choi Dong Suk): When I look at you today, it is a very cute and feminine image. With such an image, can a sexy image emerge?
MC (narrating) in a moment, her method to look sexy is?
GHS: (laughing) sexy? (GHS, as you see, just lifts up her long skirt slightly and puts it down quickly.)
MC(narrating): Oh, it is so regrettable….
MC: Although I am lacking in many ways, pretend that I am Goo Joon Pyo and.,,,,, I am a married person but can I really make a pose as her date?
GHS: Ahh,, you are married?
MC: yes.
GHS: Then, please move to over there. (GHS pushes the MC away from her. All laughs)
MC(narrating): She did not know that I was married. Ahh, so this is how it is…
Scene changes to the KBS Award Ceremony:
(@1:09 on screen: Best Couple, Netizen, Best Actress Awards)
GHS: ---I also thank LMH who acted so well in rhythm with me,,,
MC(narrating): She received three awards at the KBS Award Ceremony.
GHS: After I got the Couple Award, then the Netizen Award,,,I thought it is time to go home now,,,but then,,,
MC: Oh No, what if you did go home, huh?
GHS: (laughing) yes, it was a joke,,,then, they gave me such a big award,,,
MC: Without any male partner, GHS filmed her CF only holding the flowers.
(@1:40 on screen: they are trying to reenact the couple image with Goo Joon Pyo…)
GHS: The pose is this (she gestures to give the MC a punch on the face---remember, in BOF, Jandi and GJP’s typical interaction involved fighting and arguing)
GHS: I am sorry. In reality, it is not nice to hit people with the ring on. (BUT, as you can see, GHS is changing to her right hand the bigger, bumpier ring in preparation to hit the MC!)
MC: She is really putting on her ring,,,Truly, it was scary that she was smiling and yet putting on her ring!!!! (AS you see, GHS gives MC a fake punch with that big ring and choking and more!)
MC (narrating) Thus, our blood=?soonhwan? has been linked together.(On screen are: sound of punch and save the married man!) Following, we have a question and answer session.
MC: Even when I think about myself, I am really ungddoonghada=unconventional/strange/not normal or 4D.
GHS: (holds up x sign: I personally think GHS hates it when other people think of her as different: I actually love her uniqueness! But it is understandable)
GHS: It is not that I am different or strange, but I tend to be too playful and mischievous.
MC: How are you playful?
GHS: When I was younger, I used to give ddong-chim=hitting-usually boys-between the butt with the edge of one’s palm. (loud laugh from mc)
(@2:22 On screen: Are you stubborn and stress your point of view a lot?)
GHS: Yes, I do have my opinions but I tend to compromise a lot.
MC: Is there anything you will not compromise? A personal ironclad principle maybe?
GHS: Maybe if there is a lack of etiquette and manners,,,Within the bounds of manners, all is,, (on screen, it says, she is flexible within the bounds of politeness…)
MC: So, as long as you keep your manners, you can give ddong-chim..., (GHS laughs at her own ungddoonghan=uncommon principle. Hahaha)
From the studio, a Male Voice: she is really ungddonghada.
MC: GHS could live on dew drops. (given what MC says next, I wonder if this means that she drinks alcohol or nothing at all? I am not sure. But the connotation seems negative.)
GHS: She strongly holds up the X mark.
MC: So you drink once in a while?
GHS: Yes, but I have stopped now for a while.
MC: But you do drink.
GHS: I used to but not now.
MC: When people drink, their faces get puffy the next day. Dis you used to have your own way of managing such a problem?
GHS: My face never puffed up. (laughter)
(I did not get this part clearly: MC says don’t look at the mnihompy, and seems to be saying that maybe his own face swells up after overindulgence?)
MC: So even if you overeat, you don’t really get puffy…
GHS: (just laughs) no.
MC: Do you have more regular-people friends or more friends from the industry?
GHS: I have more regular friends.
MC: What do you normally do when you see your friends?
GHS: hmmm, we drink beer together.
MC: But you told me that you quit drinking.
GHS: I have not seen them recently…
(someone from the studio comments on her statement here but I could not hear---I wonder if he said she is again ungddonghada.)
(@3:30 on screen, Can you gain weight for your character?)
GHS: I could be different depending on the character. But I can gain upto maybe 10kg.
MC: Wow, that is a lot!
GHS: 10kg? Really but I frequently go back and forth about that much. (laughter)
MC: Do you think you can shave your head for your character?
GHS: (very confidently) Yes,,,,I love short hair.
MC: How about exposing your body?
GHS: hmm I would have to think about that,,,,,,Be always healthy and happy. Thank you.
MC: We anticipate more projects from the perfect lady….

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