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[NEWS] SNSD's New Fashion Expected To Be A Hit

Penulis : rierie_destiny on Sunday, 24 January 2010 | 15:22

As you all know, SNSD is known for their cutely choreographed dance moves, catchy songs, their goddess-like faces, and their FASHION.

After SNSD released the news that their second album "Oh!" will release, there have been questions about the fashion. Will the 9 girls lead the nation into a new fashion theme?

For this album, the girls' main points are: their shirt colors which includes red, yellow, blue, light purple, orange; striped and checkers shirt design, and their long and short socks.

Also, their teaser for the title song "Oh!" will be released at 0.00 on the 23rd. SNSD is known for their comeback miracles (when Tell Me Your Wish was released, they immediately became first within minutes). SNSD's second album is also expected to be a hot issue.

"Oh!" will be released through sites like Melon, Dosirak, SoriBada, Navermusic, etc.

"Oh!" consists of an unique melody and some electronic pop. "Oh!" is also an energizing song with a lot of cheerfulness and will be a song that will reveal SNSD's charisma.

SNSD will release "Oh" on the 28th and first performance will be in 'Music Core' on the 30th!

omg can't wait!! I hope Oh! will be a huge hit! SNSD forever!!

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