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A Message from Yunho's Father

Penulis : rierie_destiny on Saturday, 16 January 2010 | 13:47

To tell the truth, I have already sent a simple new year greeting by email to Yunho’s father, before I planned the project “Send messages to Yunho and Yunho’s father.”
I have received his reply.

Though he should be very busy, he sent me a very polite and long message.

Since this is a personal mail between Yunho’s father and me, I could not inform you in details here, but as all of you should know, Yunho is recently doing a lot of volunteer activities.

Yunho’s father seemed to be busy from December, in order to support Yunho’s activities.

Since I did not do anything together with my father from when I was little, to be honest, I envy the two of them.
When I met Yunho’s father during the interview for my book “The Secrets of Tohoshinki Part 2″, I felt that although Yunho’s father is very strict, I felt that he was always caring for Yunho. In addition, I felt that “the two are always connected to each other” by hearing Yunho’s father’s precious words at that time, one by one.
After the date, I think that my way of thinking has changed, for myself, for my parents, and for my surroundings.

“I am praying for Yu-san’s health, and that god bless you. Thank you for your mail, I would like to meet you again. We would welcome you when you come to Gwangju.”
Seeing this sentence, I was in tears.

In the last part of the mail, he has again written “I am praying again that only happiness will approach Yu-san this year.”

He had trusted me at the time of the interview, and later, I was able to speak to him during meals, and it is true that the encounter was an opportunity for me to grow.

For the details of the mail, I could not disclose here, since it will disturb the privacy of Yunho’s father and Yunho. I am very sorry.

If I should explain you, Yunho used a few days of his vacation to volunteer together with his father, and for his relatives.

It seems that it is true that Yunho’s father is through hardships for both mind and body by groundless rumors….

Reading the email, I thought that all your messages should heal the hearts of the two.

If I can, I would like to do the same for the remaining 4 members.
But I don’t have enough power, and inside me, I have a conflict that I should not attract so much attention.
(There are many opinions to my current project, too….)

I will make every possible effort in order to send your messages.

I will try to send your messages as soon as possible.
Please wait awhile.


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